Trajets - Ulrike Blatter,Philippe Dumas

Trajets - Ulrike Blatter,Philippe Dumas

Trajets - Ulrike Blatter,Philippe Dumas

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Here, we apply control methods on ice surface velocities of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica to infer the spatial pattern of basal drag using a full‐Stokes (FS) model of ice flow and compare the results obtained with two commonly‐used simplified solutions: the MacAyeal shelfy stream model and the Blatter‐Pattyn model. Over most of the model domain, the three models yield similar ...

Layered materials consist of molecular layers stacked together by weak interlayer interactions. They often crystallize to form atomically smooth thin films, nanotubes, and platelet or fullerene-like nanoparticles due to the anisotropic bonding. Structures that predominately expose edges of the layers exhibit high surface energy and are often considered unstable. In this communication, we ...

Ulrike Blatter (1) Ulrike Bültjer (1) Ulrike Gonder (2) Umberto Eco (3) Ursula Calis (3) Ursula Ferrigno (26) Ursula Heinzelmann (8) Ursula Schmid-Spreer (1) Ursula Summ (5) Usch von der Winden (1) Ute Tietje (7) Uwe Karstädt (2) Valerie Alston (1) Valéry Drouet (2) Valéry Guedes (8) Various Authors (1) Vatcharin Bhumichitr (24) Verena ...

Abstract. The sixth version of the Model for Interdisciplinary Research on Climate (MIROC), called MIROC6, was cooperatively developed by a Japanese modeling community. In the present paper, simulated mean climate, internal climate variability, and climate sensitivity in MIROC6 are evaluated and briefly summarized in comparison with the previous version of our climate model (MIROC5) and ...

The picture on the German transition is by Philippe Dumas. The German translation can be found here: Kindheit translated by Ulrike Blatter; The other cover pictures (English, French, Italian) are by Lucy Vines Bonnefoy, as well as other works by her inside the books. Facebook page for Childhood in Japanese transition by Atsuko Hayakawa and with illustrations by Chihiro Iwasaki, and with music ...

Normandy is today one of the areas of France that retains the largest group of ancient stained glass. At the beginning of the XIXth century, an important number of windows moved to the art market and Rouen was particularly affected by this

Publikation: Volkshochschule Regionalverband Saarbrücken (Hrsg.) (2013). Herbstprogramm 2013.

Delphine (b. 1985, France) studied at the Nancy school of Architecture and received her master's degree in 2008. After graduating she gained experience at LAN Architecture in Paris, where she acquired a broad professional knowledge and successfully completed several projects.

Toutoulouze et Ouriki by Ulrike Blatter: Writing, 1992: Una vita in margine by Beatrice Solinas Donghi: Writing, 1992: À travers la ville by Sara: Illustration, 1992: Ø-Rejsen by Illustratorin Bente Olesen Nyström: Illustration, 1992: Aesop's fables by Dichter Aesopus: Illustration, 1992: A Bicycle for Rosaura by Daniel Barbot: Illustration ...

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